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Financial Management Services
These relate to the preparation of detailed project reports, loan applications, negotiations with financial institutions for projects and a range of other financial services which include :
arrow Liaisoning with Financial Institutions / Commercial Banks for Long Term Loans / Working Capital
arrow Assistance in Placement of Equity with Venture Capital Funds / Institutional Investors / Other Equity Funds

An ancient Indian astronomer and mathematician of the fifth century, ARYABHATA is famous for his work- the Aryabhatiya, a mathematical treatise in verse. Aryabhata was the first astronomer to solve the most fundamental problems of astronomy, in AD 499. He calculated pie to 3.1416 and the length of the solar year to 365.3586805 days, both remarkably close to modern estimates. Hundreds of years ago, he had announced the correct theory of rotation and revolution of the Earth and the correct explanation of solar and lunar eclipses.

Research and scientific methodologies behind an organisation's working should be seen, not as an end in itself, but leading to great and creative results for its partners and clients. Much in the same way, that Aryabhata's work led to a better understanding of our world.

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