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India Entry Strategy
As one of the fastest growing economies of the world, India offers unique and diverse opportunities in virtually all manufacturing and commercial sectors. Added to that, its market size, geographical location, favorable demographics, availability of skills in management, technology and an abundant availability of skilled labour force, free press, well established judicial system for fair and quick settlement of business disputes, make it one of the most preferred destinations for foreign investment.

Our considerable experience, insight and knowledge of the Indian business environment have positioned us to assist international companies, to plan and implement their India-entry strategy. Our teams of consultants have the necessary skills and experience to provide customized solutions to international clients, seeking entry into India.  

Born to a noble family in Sines, Portugal, VASCO DA GAMA was selected by King Manuel II of Portugal, to command an expedition to find a sea route to India. At that time, he had no record as an explorer, but instead, was better known as an able fighter, a determined leader and a diplomat. Vasco Da Gama's expedition was a carefully planned commercial mission, which was reinforced by political intelligence, obtained from other travellers to the East, His new discovery, at that time, was considered an 'impossible feat'.

The new sea route to India started a whole new chapter in human civilization. Only because one man, VASCO DA GAMA, had the courage and vision to reach new frontiers.

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