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Mergers  & Acquisitions
PROTECH provides advisory services to assist Indian and international companies for acquisitions and mergers, in and outside India through :
arrow Bringing business opportunities in the areas of mergers / acquisitions
arrow Due diligence studies
arrow Asset valuation
arrow Enterprise valuation
arrow Working out transfer pricing
arrow Terms of payment

Born to a noble family in Sines, Portugal, VASCO DA GAMA was selected by King Manuel II of Portugal, to command an expedition to find a sea route to India. At that time, he had no record as an explorer, but instead, was better known as an able fighter, a determined leader and a diplomat. Vasco Da Gama's expedition was a carefully planned commercial mission, which was reinforced by political intelligence, obtained from other travellers to the East, His new discovery, at that time, was considered an 'impossible feat'.

The new sea route to India started a whole new chapter in human civilization. Only because one man, VASCO DA GAMA, had the courage and vision to reach new frontiers.
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